Apple Credit Card

Apple Now Do Credit Cards…

The Titanium Credit Card for Millennials

Apple has just launched what they are simple calling “Apple Card”. Partnering with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard the Apple card is currently available to US customers and will soon be coming to the UK too. 

‘Don’t put it in your wallet’

However the Apple Card has already run into controversy after becoming discolored when it comes into contact with leather or denim, which is awkward as jeans are made of denim and wallets are made of leather! Apple has bizarrely advised customers not to keep the card in their wallet or jeans, to a hilarious response on Twitter:

You might have noticed the card does not have a card number, nor is it contactless without connecting it to your phone. Of course the Apple Card comes with an app to help you manage your spending. This is Apple’s attempt to keep up with banking startups like Monzo who are trying to bring ever greater unity between smartphone and spending.

Not to mention all the highly valuable spending data which can be used for very intricate ads placement based on what you are actually spending your money on. 

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