Is Facebook Dying?

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Reflecting on an era that changed us all.

It hooked into our neural receptors and got us all addicted. Now we’ve overdosed and the side effects are rippling around the world.

A simple Google News search for the word “Facebook” will bring up stories of data-leaks on a mind aching scale, psychiatrist warnings about the impact to mental health and lets not forget fake news, fake reviews and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 

Facebook has lost 15 million users in 2 years

According to Edison research Facebook has lost 15 million U.S. users in the past two years. Industry experts put this down to the many scandals the social network has been embroiled in. As well as the many social and ethical dilemmas the social network faces when trying to regulate the platform. 

When does filtering become censorship? What kind of content should users be exposed to? Who should Facebook accept money from? The unprecedented scale of Facebook as well as unique positioning in our lives has elevated it to far more than a mere tech company. Somewhat like a state any small change Facebook makes to policy has wide ranging and unintended consequences. 

The fact that once active users are deleting the app is a worrying sign for Facebook. There are signs that Governments around the world are gearing up to introduce regulators. 

But before we adorn our mourning suits it helps to reflect on how Facebook has shaped our lives…

We connected like never before

Since Facebook’s inception in 2003 more than 2.4 billion of us have signed up for an account, connecting people all around the world. We’re able to talk face-to-face even if there’s hundreds of thousands of miles between us. But video conferencing is nothing new.

Facebook really mastered the power of the personal connection, harnessing our emotive mechanics to turn reactions into user action on the platform. It has been proven that each time we get a like we get a hit of dopamine. The science is remarkably simple, but none of us could have imagined what all this would result in. 

The Facebook of tomorrow – Facebook Ads

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