The Richest Influencers 2019

Influencer factories like Love Island, YouTube and Instagram have created a super fast, high volume marketing stream. Our feeds are full of people we resonate with, posing with products they have been paid to promote. The concept however is nothing new as anyone who has seen the Truman Show can attest to. 

However have we fallen out of love with influencers? Have we come to our senses knowing that they’re faking it. The concept to some degree relies on authenticity, however with people now calling themselves ‘influencers’ we know they are advertising products they don’t actually use. 

There is also a common theme with influencers promoting diet shakes, teeth whitening and apps. Almost all of the products being pushed have to do with image and wanting to change it. 

We are excluding celebrities from this list and only including people who have primarily become famous through Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook…


Jake Paul 

With over 19 million subscribers Jake Paul’s channel on YouTube is one of the most subscribed. Over the years Jake Paul has been embroiled in controversy after several highly dangerous stunts and pranks. He is believed to be worth $11.5 million.


Huda Kattan

This beauty vlogger charges around $33,000 per instagram post. She has 38 million+ followers on instagram and is rumoured to be worth around $550 million! 

Not bad for makeup tutorials!


Conor McGregor 

Conor McGregor is a highly controversial figure. He has made homophobic comments in the past and has been involved in scandal since the beginning of his career. He reportedly earns $125,000 per post and his net worth is believed to be somewhere around $110 million. 


Zach King

A post on Zach King’s Instagram will set you back around $33,000. He mainly posts about his family as well as taking part in online challenges. His estimated worth is around $500,000. 


Floyd Mayweather 

Not one to brag Floyd Mayweather boasts 22 million followers on Instagram. MMA fighter and influencer Mayweather posts about how rich he is, even going so far as to lay it all on the table… 

His net worth is around the $560 mark and he reportedly charges $107,000 per instagram post. 



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Zoe Sugg or Zoella as she is known online is worth around $4 million. Her videos have ammased more than 1 billion views. She markets primarily to teens and has also been surrounded in scandal. Last christmas she released an advent calendar for £50 which many of her fans thought it really wasn’t worth it.


Shane Dawson 

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Shane Dawson has been making YouTube videos since the inception of the platform. He has recently been focusing on making indepth documentary style videos into the lives of other famous YouTubers. 

He has a net worth of $12 million. He also has 57 million subscribers on YouTube. 


Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star shot to fame posting controversial and comical videos to MySpace now he is a YouTube star and runs a cosmetics empire. He also owns a large merchandising company which supplies others youtubers merch. 

Jefree is rumoured to be worth around $50 million. 


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The Richest Influencers 2019

Influencer factories like Love Island, YouTube and Instagram have created a super fast, high volume marketing stream. Our feeds are full of people we resonate with, posing with products they have been paid to promote. The concept however is nothing new as anyone who has seen the Truman Show can attest to.  However have we fallen out of love with

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