Website Fixes

Getting you back up and running

Fixes in a Flash!

How Does it Work?

1-0n-1 Support

We’ll call you or talk to you through live chat to diognose the issue. You’ll get one-on-one UK based phone and live chat support throughout the fix.

We'll Get Fixing

Once we have diognosed the issue we will login to your WordPress dashboard to fix the issue.

Progress updates

We’ll provide you with a login to our client dashboard where you can track the progress of the fix.

We're well versed at fixing these common issues

Common Fixes

Hacked Website

We can fix your hacked WordPress site. We’ll identify exactly how your website has been hacked and remove any malicious code. We’ll deploy security plugins to prevent future attacks. 

Upload Errors

Issues with uploading new content, themes, plugins or media files. We can increase your memory limits as well as fix issues in the code which may be preventing you from updating your website.

White Screen of Death

This is when your website is not loading at all and your website is just displaying a white screen. We can diognose the issue causing this and fix it quickly.

PHP Email Issues

WordPress configurations can sometimes prevent your website sending out automatic emails like forgot password emails and admin notifications. We’ll be able to address this in the backend getting your emails working again. 

Internal Server Error

A multitude of factors can cause a 500 error/internal server problems. However most are unsurprisingly server related. Our developers can quickly identify the fix, login to your hosting panel and get you back up and running. 

Website Restoration

If your website is not working properly we can often restore previous versions of it from a time when the site was working. We will also deploy backup plugins to make sure you have a copy of your site if anything should go wrong in the future.

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